Since March 13, 2003, our virtual airline has provided virtual pilots with a wide range of fun challenging experiences. Our VA is not just interested in flying planes between Point A to Point B. We also want an organization where members can be creative. Do you have different ideas on how to run a hub? Do you want to paint aircraft in a different scheme? Is there an interesting operation you want to try? This is the place for you!!

OV Air traces its beginnings to the dawn of commercial aviation when "Ohio Valley Aviation" provided passenger, cargo, and charter services between the Ohio River Valley region and major hubs at Cleveland KCLE and Pittsburgh KPIT. Pilots are welcome to turn back the clock to the vintage eras. Our modern era service uses a wide range of aircraft from small turbo props to jumbo jets.

The airline expanded by taking over the routes of other regional airlines. First with Island Airlines, the "Shortest Airline in the World" flying out of Port Clinton KPCW to the Lake Erie Islands. Later additions include Chicago Express out of Chicago Midway KMDW, CapeAir out of Boston KBOS, BigSky Airlines out of Billings KBIL and Sea Port out of Portland KPDX. Long distance flights connect the services.

AirMed, with bases in Cleveland (Burke Lakefront Airport) KBKL and Portland KPDX, provides a full range of air medical transport services using turboprop and jet airplanes, and helicopters. Flights and operations are set up by an experienced flight medic/nurse for ultimate realism. Future expansion to other regions is possible.

Welcome to the Ohio Valley and Beyond. Where do you want to go today?


Pilotos 10
Aeronaves en flota 77
Rutas 408
Horas totales: 277.03
Vuelos totales 396
Vuelos Regular 317
Vuelos Charter 79
% Vuelos Regular 80.05 %


IndicativoPilotoOrigenDestinoFechaTiempo de vuelo
OVA001Mike SpinelliKPDXKCLE20-02-20184.50
OVA001Mike SpinelliKCLEKCMH16-02-20180.48
OVA001Mike SpinelliK3W2KPCW12-02-20180.18
OVA001Mike SpinelliKPCWK3W212-02-20180.06
OVA001Mike SpinelliKMSOKGPI10-02-20180.42


OVA005-BettyNep BettyNepKL24-12-2017
OVA017-Daniel Shannon28-11-2017
OVA004-Danny Patterson24-10-2017
OVA012-Dylan Greenrod29-09-2016
OVA011-George Riel06-09-2016


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