Ohio Valley Aviation

Who We Are:

A Virtual Airline is a group or "club" of people who enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator and other simulators. We chat and share files, and we fly flights on the sim and report them to the VA. The VR tracks your hours on the Call board Roster as you move up through the ranks.

What We Offer:

Ohio Valley Aviation is a "regional" airline, connecting the Ohio River Valley with major cities and hub airports of major airlines and virtual airlines. We fly from airports of various sizes, carrying passenger, mail, and cargo. We also allow members to step back in time and take part in the airline's "history".

What We Aren't:

We don't make you use tracking software or fly online, although that option is available. We don't make you fly twice a month to stay active. We don't have mandatory training or check flights. You don't even have to fly just the flights in your hub, or complete all the legs in a flight line. Although you can.


The Ohio Valley System was founded in 2006, although its "sister" VA "AirMed" opened March 2003. Like the OVSRails virtual railroad, the airline connects the Ohio River Valley with large cities and hub airports. We are a "regional" of "feeder" airline. Train and plane schedules coordinate to allow "train-to-plane" transportation of passengers, mail, and express. We also offer cargo services from our airports.

Application Approval:

Applications are approved before you are placed on the roster, or can log in. This is simply to keep out the bots.

Transferring hours from another VA:

At the moment we do not transfer hours from other VA's.


Our VA management system assigns pilots to hubs. This should be the hub you're most interested in flying in. You are welcome to fly to and from any hub.


We have aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) and Flight Simulator X (FSX), although any flight sim can be used.

Procedure for flying

You can select any flight and enjoy. You are not assigned flights (although we can on request).

In our management system, you need to book your route you want to fly. In order for a flight to show up for you to book, you will need: to be located at the originating airport. If you are not located at the airport, use "Change Location" in the Pilot Actions menu. to be certified on the aircraft used to have the specified aircraft available at that airport. If you flight calls for a B1900, there needs to be a B1900 at that location. If there are none at that location, contact a staff member via email or messenger, and we will move one there. Usually within a couple hours.

To book a flight, click on the information icon, then book. Fly your flight with or without ACARS and report it.

ACARS settings In SIM ACARS, click on "Virtual Airline Settings" in the menu bar.

"Callsign" is the OVA callsign on the pilot roster (mine is OVA001) "Password" is the password you use to log onto the website "VA Name" is Ohio Valley Aviation "VA ICAO" is OVA "VA ACARS URL" is http://www.ohiovalleysystem.com/Aviation/VAM/vam/ "Weight Unit" is your preference, pounds or kilograms

If you have booked a route, it will ask if you want to fly that route. This flight will show up as a "regular" flight.

If you do not have a route booked, your flight will show up as a "charter" and can be from any origin to any destination. When a charter flight is entered you get credit for the flight time, but only half of the usual "pay".

If you lose internet connection during a flight, ACARS will keep your data. You will be able to log your flight when you are back online.

Manual PiRep Using the Manual PiRep for a regular or charter flight gives you the same credit as using ACARS. If you are reporting a flight you have booked, it will count as a regular flight. If you are not reporting a flight you have booked, it will count as a charter flight.

The Manual PiRep form will ask you for your flight "Distance" and "Fuel" used. You can track this yourself, or you can note this information after you choose a flight to book and before you Book the Aircraft. You can also enter zeros.

Flight lines: All flights are part of a "flight line", but you do not have to follow it. You can fly to any destination that is available from your location. You can make a "loop", flying from one hub to am outlying destination, then fly from there to the other hub, then fly from there to a third outlying airport, then fly from there back to the original hub. You don't have to fly from the last place you landed. It's realistic, but if you want to fly out of a different airport, go to "Pilot Actions", and click on "Change Location". Enter the code for the airport you want to fly out of, and you can select your flight.

If you want to fly to a destination we don't serve, you can fly a charter flight. If using ACARS, enter the departure and arrival airport codes, make up a flight number, and go flying. If you don't use ACARS, just log it. If you don't have a flight it'll automatically come up as a charter.

Flight schedules:

Flight schedules are available for those who want to use them. Many are based on actual airline timetables, others are added to add flying experiences to other interesting destinations. Pilots can choose to follow the schedule, even fly in "real time", or choose a different flight time (sunset for example).

Island hopping

Take a break from the routine, and do some Erie Island hopping. The hub of operations, Port Clinton (KCRW) airport, is a short half hour flight from Cleveland, or a simple "Change Location" away. Aviation is an important (during the winter the only) transportation medium for the residents and tourists of the islands. The Beech 99 is the aircraft of choice on the short island airstrips.

One note, the small airports on the islands are not in the program database, so you will be asked to verify that you have landed at the proper airport. This is normal. The flights are short, and the airports do not have towers, all flying is using "Visual Flight Rules". "Flying visual" is very relaxing once you get the hang of it. The GPS can be a great guide as you get to know the islands and their air strips.

As with other hubs, you are more than welcome to fly out of PCW. If the island flights are your primary interest, you can make it your "hub". just shoot me a message, email, or post on the forum.

Minimum requirements:

We ask that you file at least one OVA flight every 90 days.

If you have some time on your hands and you REALLY want to fly from ABC to XYZ, but there are no airplanes at ABC, send us a message that you need a plane at ABC. Fly your flight. When the aircraft is available at your origin airport, you can book the flight, and submit a Pilot Report. We will work with you.

If you have any questions, just ask!!!