Ohio Valley Aviation


Mike Spinelli

Founder, President
Manager, AirMed
Interim Hub Manager, KPIT, KAKR (Vintage)


Mike "Spin" Spinelli has been involved with flight simulators since the "Flight Simulator II" that he ran on an Atari 800XL. Mike formed his first virtual airline, AirMed, on March 13, 2003. Soon after, he formed Ohio Valley Aviation. Overall he has logged over 1500 hours on the sim. Mike also runs a Virtual Railroad using the Microsoft Train Simulator and Dovetail Train Simulator 2017 simulators, as well as a 20 year old racing simulator series. In real life Mike is a full time registered nurse and a part time firefighter/paramedic. He lives in Wadsworth, Ohio with his wife, and has four kids and two grandkids.

James Maxwell

Vice President, General Manager
Hub Manager, KCLE, KCDI (Vintage)


James "Oroku" Maxwell has been an instrumental part of Ohio Valley Aviation since 2011. Like Mike he is an avid airline and railroad historian, and has designed the paint schemes used by the airline. James lives in Missoula, Montana and is the CEO and Lead Instructor at SuperSonic Consulting Unlimted. He is also heavily involved in Belegarth.