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Series History
Bragging rights:
The Internet Sim Racing Series is the longest running sim racing series, running its first race in November, 1996. Here are some of our "firsts".
We were the first series to use edited tracks
The first to use modded cars
The first to use dirt tracks
The first to use short tracks exclusively
The first to allow driver-adjustable AI strength
The first online dirt track series
The first online short track series
The first (only?) series to spawn a new line of racing sims, Ratbag Games "Dirt Track Racing" series.
The formation of competing series and different sims spread the driver pool thin while the "gamers" moved on and only the hard core sim racers remain.
And through it all, the "old fashioned" offline racing continues on, every week, for over 21 years...
Series Timeline:
1996- The IDRS ran it's first race at Arrowhead Speedway.
1997- Pavement short track racing was added, under the ISRS (Shorttrack) banner
1997- Open wheel racing was added, and soon became the only surviving IndyCar series due to it's driver-adjustable AI
1998- The short tracks were taken over by Jimmy McKinley who ran it as the USA series
1999- SimCyberworld's SSCRA NASCAR series was saved from extinction
2000- Online dirt track racing (with Ratbag's Dirt Track Racing) and online short track racing (using NASCAR 3) was started
2002- The IndyCar series (using IndyCar Racing 2) split off
2004- With the USA series dropping offline racing, ISRS short track racing resumed here
2004- Sports car racing was added
2004- IndyCars were again featured in the series, using the much more modern N2003 sim and OWR mod
2004- Craftsman Trucks were also added to the mass expansion of 2004
2006- Winter racing switches from Winter Heats to Vintage NASCAR Racing
2009- In the midst of the open wheel civil war the IndyCar series is placed on hiatus
2010- The Dirt Track series is put on hold as Ratbag sims have run their course
2012- While Mike finished up college the series "downsized" to just NASCAR and a handful of "Special events"
2013- Full time short track and (with the reunification of the IRL and Champ Car) IndyCar returns. The NASCAR Series is rotated among the Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camper World Truck divisions for the first time.
2014- IDRS Dirt Track and Sports Cars return, while the winter Vintage NASCAR switched to ARCA.
2015- The series continued with NASCAR, IndyCar, Short Track, and Dirt Track racing. The winter NASCAR series ran "Fantasy Trax".
2016- The short track series splits into Late Models, Outlaw Late Models, Whelen Modifieds, and K&N Pro Series mini-seasons.The winter series switches ran Vintage USAC/ARCA and Vintage Trans Am instead of Vintage NASCAR.
2017- Dirt Track, NASCAR, and IndyCar return. Short Track was put on hold. Winter plans include Vintage NASCAR Trucks, Endurance road racing, short track, and mo dirt.
Past Champions
IDRS Champions
1996 N1 Overall Tim Kellebrew
1996 N1 Late Models Tim Kellebrew
1996 N! Modifieds Blaine Phillips
1997 N1 Overall Kyle Finney
1997 N1 Late Models Kyle Finney
1997 N1 Modifieds Bob Coon
1997 N1/ICR2 The Ironman Robert Mitchell
1998 N1 Kevin Morgan
1998 N2 Robert "Ironman" Mitchell
1998 SODA Midgets Jon Wolery
1999 N2 Late Models Mark "Magnum" Force
1999 SODA Midgets Jon Wolery
2000 DTR Winter Tim Heard
2000 N2 Winter Andy Crane
2000 N2 Summer Brian Suber
2000 DTR Online Late Models Chris "Zig" Zeigler
2000 DTR Online Stocks Bobby "Lass26" Lassetter
2000 DTR Online Figure Eights Rob Keller
2001 DTR Online Jerry "JC327" Carnathan
2001 DTR Offline Jerry "JC327" Carnathan
2001 DTRSC Offline Todd Holman
2001 Eldora Million Shane "Mad Dog" Maddie
2002 DTR2 Online Lates Brian Griffin
2002 DTR2 Online Mods Todd Holman
2002 DTR2 Online Pro Stocks Todd Holman
2002 DTR2 Offline Late Models Barry Dickson
2002 DTRSC Offline Barry Dickson
2004 DTR2 Online Late Models Brian "Crazy" James
2004 DTR2 Online Sprints Brian "Crazy" James
2004 8th Anniv Speedweek Bill Fish
2005 DTR2 Down Under Sprints Bill Fish
2005 Winter Late Models Todd Tornow
2005 Winter Modifieds Todd Tornow
2005 Spring Late Models Brad Warren
2005 Online Sprints Jim Kellogg
2005 Online Modifieds Todd Tornow
2005 Online Late Models Bill Fish
2005 Online Pro Stocks Bill Fish
2006 DTR2 Winter Online Sprints: Kurt McCauley
2006 DTR2 Winter Online Modifieds: Kurt McCauley
2006 DTR2 Winter Online Late Models: Bill Fish
2006 DTR2 Winter Online Pro Stocks: Stace Oksanen
2006 DTR2 Winter Offline Sprints: Kurt McCauley
2006 DTR2 Winter Offline Modifieds: Todd Tornow
2006 DTR2 Dirt Track Warriors: Kurt McCauley  
2006 DTR2 Online Modifieds: Aaron Fisher
2006 DTR2 Offline Modifieds: Kurt McCauley
2007 DTR2 IMCA Modifieds: Rob Keller
2007-2012 records lost
2013 N2003 Randy Claflin
2014 N2003 Summer Bob "Pumpkin" Syre
2014 N2003 Winter Bob "Pumpkin"Syre
2015 N2003 Spring Bob "Pumpkin"Syre
2015 N2003 Summer Bob "Pumpkin"Syre
2016 N2003 Summer Bob "Pumpkin"Syre
2016 N2003 Winter Bob "Pumpkin"Syre
2017 N2003 Spring Bob "Pumpkin" Syre
2017 N2003 Summer: Bob Syre

IDRS Hall of Fame
Nominated by their peers, not already listed
Thomas Ames
Paul "Bayner" Bayne
Greg Crooker
David Day
Arnold Decker
Matt "Spider" Hatfield
Ron Heard
Sean Kerrigan
Terry Landis
Ron McGarry
Keith "Cyber X" McGill
Jimmy "JM12" McKinley
Ray Murtha
Dave "Woof" Reuille
Ted Scurlock
Shane Sharrock
Chuck Shaw
Calvin Stunden
Mike "MW" Whiting
NASCAR Champions
1999 N99 Troy Tusing
2000 N3 Stephen Stokes
2000 N99  Michael Trettin
2001 N99  Troy Tusing
2002 N3  Michael Tucker
2002 N4  Wes Grider
2002 N2002  Ryan Tonini
2003 N3  Lee Granahan
2003 N2002  Joe Hawley
2004 N3  Lee Granahan
2004 N2003  Joe Hawley
2005 N2003 Joe Hawley
2006 N2003 Wes Grider
2007 N2003 Rob Neises
2008 N2003 Jim Essar
2009 N2003 Wes Grider, Rob Neises
2010 N2003 Rob Neises
2011 N2003 Joe Hawley
2012 N2003 Joe Hawley
2013 N2003 Matt Shinoski
2014 N2003 Jim Essar
2015 N2003 Bob Syre
2016 N2003 Bob Syre
2017 N2003 Jim Essar
NASCAR Truck Series
2004 N3 Lee Granahan
2004 N2003 Joe Hawley
2005 N2003 Wes Grider
2006 N2003 Mike Voss
2007 N2003 Rob Neises
2008 N2003 Jim Essar
2009 N2003 Rob Neises
2011 N2003 Joe Hawley
Vintage NASCAR Champions
2006 Rob Neises
2007 Bill Johnson
2010 Rob Neises
2012 Mike Howard
2013 Mike Howard
2016 Joe Hawley
2017 Joe Hawley (vintage USAC/ARCA)
NASCAR Fantasy Trax
2015 Bob Syre
ARCA Champions
2005 N3 Joe Hawley
2014 N2003 Jim Essar
Short Track Champions
1997 N1 Bob Coon
1999 N99 Troy Tusing
2000 N3 Stephen Stokes
2000 N99 Michael Trettin
2001 N99 Troy Tusing
2002 N3 Michael Tucker
2002 N4 Wes Grider
2002 N2002 Ryan Tonini
2003 N3 Lee Granahan
2003 N2002 Joe Hawley
2003 N2002 Joe Hawley
2004 N3 Granahan/Rauscher
2004 N2003 Joe Hawley
2005 N3 Late Models Joe Hawley
2005 N2003 ASA Jim Essar
2006 Lates (Winter) Troy Bender
2006 Pure Stock (Winter) Rob Keller
2006 Late Models Don Bergin
2007 Late Models Rob Neises
2008 Late Models Jim Essar
2009 Mods Travis Ulberg
2009 Late Models Jim Essar
2010 N2 Late Models Matt Finney
2010 Modifieds Chris Landry
2010 Late Models Jim Essar
2011 Late Models Mike Spinelli
2013 Spring Mike Spinelli
2013 Fall Mike Spinelli
2013 Vintage Mike Spinelli
2014 Mike Spinelli
2014 Winter Don Bergin
2015 Spring Joe Hawley
2015 Summer Mike Spinelli
2015 Fall Bob Syre
2016 Modifieds Joe Hawley
2016 K&N Pro Joe Hawley
2016 Outlaw Lates Mike Spinelli
2016 Template Lates Mike Spinelli
2016 Vintage Joe Hawley
2017 Mike Spinelli
IndyCar ICR2 Champions
1997 Robert "Ironman" Mitchell
1998 Robert "Ironman" Mitchell
1999 Brian Dembinski
2000 Scott Gold
2001 Scott Gold
2002 Sander Maas
IndyCar N2003 Champions
2004 Jim Essar
2005 Jim Essar
2006 Matt Shinoski
2007 Shinoski/Neises
2008 Rob Neises
2013 Matt Shinoski
2014 Matt Shinoski
2015 Bob Syre
2016 Mike Spinelli
2017 Mike Spinelli
IndyCar Vintage Champions
2013 Josh Jones
Formula One Champions
2014 Matt Shinoski
Sports Car Champions
2000 N3 Scott Gold
2004 N3 Gregg Rauscher
2005 N3 Joe Hawley
2006 N2003 Troy Bender
2013 N2003 Matt Shinoski
2014 N2003 Mike Spinelli
2017 N2003 Vintage Trans Am Josh Jones
Special Event Series Champions
2010 Jim Essar
2012 Mike Howard
Race Number One
Here are the results from the first ISRS race ever,the first sim dirt track race on the internet. Nov. 24, 1996 at Arrowhead Speedway in Grafton, Ohio.
The scoring was done a little differently. Anyone remember these pioneers? There's still a couple of them kickin' around.
1 Greg Proffitt 1 19:57.4 50 100.759
2 Gary Cavitt 2 22:42.5 50 104.460 (pole)
3 John Iannarella 9 28:49.6 50 95.928
4 Kevin Nunn 17 23:17.1 49 91.443
5 Mike Spinelli 18 28:12.9 50 95.649
6 Blayne Phillips 18 31:14.2 30 98.832
7 Tim Kellebrew 20 25:16.7 49 97.328
8 Steve Morin 20 27:29.6 49 no time
9 Chris Irvine 20 30:12.7 49 86.510
All time speed records
NASCAR Overall (qualifying speed) 197.742 Joe Hawley Trucks, Texas
NASCAR Cup (qualifying speed) 196.320 Bob Syre Daytona
IndyCar Ovals  (qualifying speed) 215.032 Joe Hawley Talladega
Open Wheel Road Course  (qualifying speed) 150.622 Josh Jones Monza
Short Track (race average speed) 121.177 Chris Dodd USA International
Dirt Track (race average speed) 127.384 Bob Syre Eldora
Fantasy Trax Oval  (qualifying speed) 240.349 Randy Claflin Coca Cola Speedway
Fantasy Trax Road Course (qualifying speed) 236.606 Matt Shinoski Eight Bowl Speedway
Fantasy Trax Traditional Road Course  (qualifying speed) 160.662 Mike Spinelli Red Rock