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Series Rules
Founded in 1996 the ISRS is the longest running most innovative sim racing series in its 19th year of continuous racing action.
The ISRS is an old school "offline" series, you race against the AI (computer cars) and we compare your results to everyone else. You can run any time during the week, race at your convenience. There's no need to be online at a certain time, no worry about connection quality, and no headaches caused by new or rough drivers. Results are due on the schedule date at 11:59pm
In NASCAR we race all three major series, rotating between them at almost all NASCAR tracks
In the short track series and dirt track series,race any of 14 mods without pit stops or cautions, and only average speed is used in scoring.
In the Indy Oval series, we simulate the oval races on the Verizon IndyCar Series.
To race, simply set up the sim with these settings.

Setting your AI:
Other offline series had 3 classes for drivers, with mandated AI strength. Usually 96%, 98%, and 100%. Well that didn't work (they're all gone), and it fragmented the field of drivers. So I came up with this system, where drivers can adjust their AI and  have a fun challenging race against the AI at all tracks regardless of the track's AI settings, the driver's skill and preference of track type, controller, etc. It works very similar to the dial-in in bracket racing on local drag strips. Everyone can race in one big field, and everyone has a chance. While the better drivers still have the advantage.
If you set your strength too low, you'll be scored lower. And you'll be in lapped traffic sooner/longer. If you set it too high, then you won't be able to keep pace with the leaders and you'll be scored lower.
Here's how I set it up. Your mileage may vary. I go into practice and tune my setup, and note my fastest lap. Then I look at the AI speeds. I set my AI so their fastest speed is within 1 mph of mine. If they are outside that range, I leave the event, adjust the AI up or down, and start a practice session. If I like my setup, I click on the "STANDINGS header, click on the "ACCELERATE \" button, and watch their speeds. Then I either make more adjustment or go into qualifying. That is the easiest and quickest way I found. I also keep track of my AI at each track with each mod. Or go back in the Old Results on this site and see what I ran before.

Running your race:
Simulation We do everything possible to simulate the real race. We don't look at this as a video game. In NASCAR and IndyCar, we set it up so that pit strategy is involved.
Mods, tracks and carsets Use only the mods, tracks, and carsets from this site. Using anything else could cause your results to be inaccurate compared to everyone else's. Some have a separate installation of N2003 for ISRS offline racing so there is no confusion.
No reruns You can only run your race once. Whether you win, lose, or crash out, send in your results.
Race restarts If the AI takes you out in the first five laps (one lap on a road course), or if your AI strength is way off, you can restart your race. Once those laps are run, or if you wreck yourself, that is your results. Remember this is a simulation not a video game tournament, and every real driver has bad days and days it just doesn't work out.
Speed/time We score using qualifying speed and race average speed, not time. Using speed is more accurate and easier to work with.
Sending results When finished, go to the forum and PM me (Spin) your results with your race information:
On the subject line, enter the track name or race name
Your Name
Laps Completed
Finishing Position
AI Strength %
Race Average Speed
Qualifying Speed
Tell me how your race went
Saving results Save your results file in case it is needed for Post Race Inspection. The .html file (that you exported after your race) will be found in the C:Papyrus/NASCAR Racing 2003 Season/exports_imports folder. Do not send in your results file unless requested (we haven't had a file pulled in several years).
Points The winner of the race gets one point for each car in the race. If there are 10 cars, the winner gets 10 points. Second place gets one point less than the leader, and so on. One bonus point is awarded to the lead lap finisher with the highest average speed, this is written in red in the results and is called the FastRace Bonus. If after the season is over and there is a tie for the point lead, the first tie breaker will be the number of race wins. If both drivers have the same number of wins, the tie is broken by the finishing order of the last event.
Late results Late results will be accepted from regular drivers in that series for the most recent race. Late results will be scored as if they were on time, except you can finish no higher than second with late results.
Post race instruction Any active driver can request post race inspection of another driver's results, track, and mod files. When requested those files need to be sent to Spin within a week for inspection. If there is a problem that driver's results will be disqualified.

Race Settings:
Races are scored using:
Laps completed, then
Finishing position, then
AI Strength, then
Race time, then
Qualifying speed
Common Settings
Weather conditions: 75 Wind at 5 mph,Clear
Track: See Schedule
Driving Mode: Simulation
Full Pace Lap: On
Double File Restarts: On
Opponent Strength: Driver adjustable
Player Breakdowns: Off
Adaptive AI Setting: Off (unchecked)
Damage Level: Realistic
NASCAR and IndyCar
Oval Track settings:
Field Size: Set to max, depends on number of cars in set and pit spots on the track
Pit Stops: 2x
Cautions are On
Race distance is 15% unless specified on the schedule
Damage: Realistic
Road Racing settings:
Pit Stops: 1x
Cautions are Off
Race Distance is 15 laps
If the track will not let you select 15 laps, select the next higher selection)
Short Track Challenge Settings:
This is our "Full Throttle" division. No (planned) pit stops, no cautions. Scoring based only on speed.
Field size: 19 AI cars
Pit stops 1x
Cautions are on
Race distance is 25 laps (If the track will not let you select 25 laps, select the next higher selection)
If the track will not let you run 19 AI cars, select the max.
If the track will not let you select 50 laps, select the next higher selection)